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Start your on-demand ride-hailing business like Uber, with our market-leading ready-to-use Taxi-booking apps. These apps are enriched with intelligent app features - that empathize with user needs and foster high engagement. Furthermore, business operations are easier with efficient workflows of the apps, and availability of pre-integrated business solutions.

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Top Players of The Online Taxi Booking Industry

While Uber remains the quintessential online taxi booking mobile app, it's not free from competition. Online taxi booking is quite a fragmented niche with massive growth potential. Major players include:

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Key Features Offered By VivoCabs

Fare Estimator

Riders can get a fare estimate by selecting a cab type and entering pick up and drop off points.

Car Selection

Riders can book from a wide range of cars based on their preference/occasion.

Driver Verification

Riders need an OTP to verify and initiate the ride and can also view the cab registration number.


With one tap, riders can send an alert SMS bearing ride details to all their emergency contacts.

Real-Time Tracking

GPS tracking allows riders to track the driver's location and route taken to reach the destination.

Easy Payment

Riders can pay in cash, via debit/credit cards or through an in-built wallet .


Drivers can easily register on the platform by uploading required documents.


Drivers can view new ride requests and also browse the details and stats of old cab bookings.


Drivers can leave ratings based on the overall ride experience.

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Rider App

Fast Login

Users looking to hire a ride need faster access. Give your users quick sign-in to the app through OTP-based authentication, social media log-in, and other faster features.

Confirm or Cancel Trip

Cover scenarios where riders book the ride accidentally or have a last-minute change of plans. Once they have entered the pick-off and drop-off location, they can confirm or cancel the matched ride.

Package Delivery Capabilities

Your users also have the option to get a package delivered using the cab services. With VivoCabs, users can seamlessly deliver packages from a pick-up location to a drop-off point.

Share & Earn

An integral marketing feature that fosters user engagement and retention, this feature gives your users the ability to share your brand with their friends and family in exchange for rewards.

Security and Assurance

Allow the riders to be in absolute control of the ride. The ride begins only when the user is satisfied with all the details and subsequently, shares an OTP with the driver. They can also share the ride details with their contacts.

Fast Login Confirm or Cancel Trip Package Delivery Capabilities Share & Earn Security and Assurance

Driver App

Availability Sign in/out

Give your riders the flexibility to operate as per their availability. Easy sign-in/out allows them to display their operational availability window to the riders conveniently.

Initiate Payout

Allow your drivers to enjoy the advantage of being in charge of their earnings. With the initiate payout option, drivers can request a payment for completed trip(s).

Comprehensive Ride History

Data is indispensable for effective decision-making. Give your drivers pivotal data driver stats, completed rides, revenue earned, riders information, and more - to help them analyze and optimize their services.

Subscription Plans

If enabled by the business, subscription plans give drivers the choice of better options in exchange for a subscription fee. For the business, this is a recurring revenue stream.

Riders' Rating

Drivers are equal stakeholders in the success of your business. With the ability to give riders ratings based on the overall experience, the drivers can contribute towards vetting unscrupulous riders.

Availability Sign in/out Initiate Payout Comprehensive Ride History Subscription Plans Riders' Rating

Admin Features

Leverage Geofencing

Leverage the boundaries set by the app virtually to manage locations, route maps, and earmarked operational areas. The feature also aids in monitoring surge pricing and providing ETA updates to the consumer.

Commission Management

Generate revenue by charging a commission on each completed ride. Moreover, optimize commission rates for each vehicle category and track each commission with insights into revenue earned.

Multiple Vehicle Categories

Make your business versatile by offering multiple vehicle types - giving riders exclusive options. Tailor pricing structure, commissions, location, peak time surcharge, cancellation charge, and more for each type.

Financial Management

Features like eWallet withdrawal management allow you to monitor the financial flows for the business while also catering to driver satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics

Use the intuitive maps-based insights to drive the goals of your business. With the availability of critical insights, analyze high-performing facets of your business - and those that might need your attention.

Leverage Geofencing Commission Management Multiple Vehicle Categories Financial Management Reports & Analytics
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VivoCabs is an ideal cab booking software for anyone planning to launch a cab booking mobile app like Uber. Both iOS and Android apps are quality tested to work flawlessly under demanding circumstances.

Note : The default OTP to test the application is 123456. As Twilio is not configured with the platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VivoCabs?

If you want to start a taxi-hailing business like Uber, you need not develop mobile apps from scratch. VivoCabs is a readymade turnkey solution, complete with rich-featured mobile apps for Android and iOS ecosystems, to allow you to start a taxi-hailing business like Uber.

Does VivoCabs Support Redesigning/Rebranding?

VivoCabs is both Whitelabel and customizable.

Being Whitelabel means every aspect of the solution will show the name of your business, your logo, and any other key brand elements, you wish to include for rebranding the solution.

Customizability means that the front-end of the solution can be redesigned, to tailor your apps, aligned with your brand.

Is VivoCabs a customizable solution?

Yes, as discussed above, VivoCabs is highly versatile solution, and it can be customized from both the front end and the back end.

Front-end customization can include redesigning the intuitive elements of the solution. While back-end customization includes tailoring the versatile yet robust system to include functional changes. Moreover, since the apps are built using a universally compatible architecture, most business APIs can be integrated with the solution.

What Makes VivoCabs Best Solution to launch taxi booking mobile apps for rider & driver?

VivoCabs is a ready-made solution i.e. all apps are ready to use right off the bat. These have been rated highly by authority software evaluators. Furthermore, you have the following advantages to create a market impact:

  • The apps come pre-built with intelligent features that empathize with user needs, enrich active engagement, and allow for seamless user experience.
  • They have been built to support efficient workflows. This makes business management easier for the platform operator as well as the drivers.
  • It has pre-integrated business APIs and payment gateways to aid automation and enhance the apps’ capabilities.
  • The apps are GDPR compliant, high performing, and built to scale.
  • Significantly, its unique lifetime ownership pricing model allows you to pay just once. There are no hidden or recurring charges thereafter.
  • Lastly, the apps are supported by an efficient team for after-sales support and customization needs.
Is VivoCabs Scalable?

Yes VivoCabs are built with a highly robust architecture that supports scalability. Furthermore, these apps have been tested in real-world environments to give high performance despite an increased user load and handling of large data volumes.

Is Source Code Provided With VivoCabs?

Yes, we provide the source code of the application. For more details about pricing and process, please contact us.

Which Payment Gateways are Available in VivoCabs?

VivoCabs solution comes with multiple payment gateways pre-integrated - that aids you to operate throughout global markets.

Is Package Delivery Possible With VivoCabs?

Yes, VivoCabs supports the package delivery business model along with the on-demand ride-hailing services. For better understanding, connect with us, our experts will give you a self-paced demo of the apps.

Do You Provide Technical Support After The Purchase?

Yes VivoCabs taxi-booking solution comes with a free 1 year of technical support included in the price packages.