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On-Demand Taxi Booking Solution

VivoCabs is a perfect solution to build an on-demand online taxi booking platform. As a white label and customizable solution, it allows businesses to incorporate a wide range of features and integrations while giving them speed to market.

Taxi Booking Mobile App - Business Model

Key Features Offered By VivoCabs

Fare Estimator

Riders can get a fare estimate by selecting a cab type and entering pick up and drop off points.

Driver Verification

Riders need an OTP to verify and initiate the ride and can also view the cab registration number.

Real-Time Tracking

GPS tracking allows riders to track the driver's location and route taken to reach the destination.

Car Selection

Riders can book from a wide range of cars based on their preference/occasion.


With one tap, riders can send an alert SMS bearing ride details to all their emergency contacts.

Easy Payment

Riders can pay in cash, via debit/credit cards or through an in-built wallet .


Drivers can easily register on the platform by uploading required documents.


Drivers can set their availability for new rides and send trip updates to booked passengers.


Drivers can view new ride requests and also browse the details and stats of old cab bookings.


Drivers can use either the integrated map or Google map to navigate different locations.


With one tap, drivers can send an alert SMS bearing ride details to all their emergency contact.


Drivers can leave ratings based on the overall ride experience.

Admin Features

Account Management

Admin can approve/decline registration requests and manage existing profiles.

Transaction Management

Admin can get details of their total earnings during a specified time-frame.


Admin can easily manage countries, states and cities based on their service coverage.

Fare Management

Admin can manage fares based on vehicle type and enable surge pricing for any day/time.

Discount coupon

Admin can manage existing discounts or create new ones for riders.

Manage Withdrawal

Admin can search and approve/decline the wallet withdrawal requests placed by drivers.

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Top Players of The Online Taxi Booking Industry

While Uber remains the quintessential online taxi booking mobile app, it's not free from competition. Online taxi booking is quite a fragmented niche with massive growth potential. Major players include:

Disclaimer: FATbit/VivoCabs is not associated or affiliated with any of the brand name or trademark used on the page. They are properties of their respective owners. Features of these websites may or may not vary from those available in VivoCabs. Additional features or APIs can be added in the customization plan.

Why Choose VivoCabs To Start Your Online Taxi Booking Business

While there are plenty of white-label solutions out there to help you build online taxi booking apps, few come close to VivoCabs when we factor all its perks. Highly affordable, extensive feature offering and customizability easily place VivoCabs at the top of the readymade online taxi booking solutions' chart.

Taxi booking app development from scratch often means going in for a long haul. That's why we built VivoCabs. While giving speed-to-market, our white label solution incorporates all the key features of a taxi booking app. Moreover, it can be redesigned to match the overall branding of a business.

Every business likes to offer something unique to set its identity apart from the rest. The same is true in the case of taxi booking apps. That's why we made VivoCabs highly flexible and customizable. This way our clients can easily get their favourite features and integrations installed on top of the standard version.

We've built VivoCabs on the back of meticulous development and testing. The outcome is a robust solution that delivers performance without breaking a sweat. Moreover, VivoCabs is a highly scalable solution. So an upgrade is an easy-affair to reach whatever load-capacity you're aiming for.

Businesses shouldn't lose customers because of the unavailability of one or the other payment methods. That's why VivoCabs is built by integrating multiple payment methods and since our solution is customizable, you could add more payment methods to suit your business requirements.

We've got your back if you run into any issues with the taxi booking apps built with VivoCabs. Our solution includes a 1-year free technical support for any bugs/errors if found in the system. We have multi-channel support through which our experts will look to resolve all your issues and provide you with the best possible solution.

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VivoCabs is an ideal cab booking software for anyone planning to launch a cab booking mobile app like Uber. Both iOS and Android apps are quality tested to work flawlessly under demanding circumstances.

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Driver     |     Rider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VivoCabs a customizable solution?

VivoCabs is a mobile app-based product and we have a mobile app team that can work on customizing the platform and add additional features to support your business needs.

Which payment gateways are supported by VivoCabs?

Users can make payments via 3 methods and respective payment gateways integrated for same are as follows:

  • Wallet: payment gateway to add money to wallet
    • Paytm
    • Paypal Standard
  • Cash
  • Card Payments: payment gateway to add money to wallet
    • Paystack
    • Braintree
Is there any limit on the number of drivers that can register on the driver's app?

No, currently there is no limit on the number of drivers that can register on the driver's app. With the increase in the number of users, you may need a powerful server.

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